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Advanced NDT

We offer Acoustic Eye, Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT), Time-of-Flight Diffraction (TOFD), Eddy Current, Thermography, and Outsourced Services.


Computed Radiography

This method uses a phosphor imaging plate that replaces film in conventional radiography techniques, thus reducing the time it takes to carry out the process.

Digital Radiography

A method of radiography that uses a digital detector to display radiographic images on a screen almost instantaneously, rather than using film.


Small Proximity Radiation Exposure System

Radiography with a relatively smaller radiation control area, reducing the distance required for the evacuation of personnel.

Acoustic Eye

The use of non-traversing technology for inner and outer diameter tube and pipe inspection.


Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT)

A technique that uses a set of UT probes to detect flaws that cannot be easily found using conventional NDT methods, by using software to steer a focused beam. Different views can then be generated showing the size and location of any flaws detected.


Time-of-Flight Diffraction (TOFD)

A testing method that uses ultrasonic pulses to detect defects in welds, by measuring the time of flight of the diffraction of the pulses in order to accurately detect and measure flaws.


Eddy Current

This method is used to detect surface and near-surface flaws in conductive materials, as the current is disrupted when flaws are present in the material. ZETEC MIZ-21C is one of the recent additions to our list of advanced NDT equipment.



This is used to detect and measure small temperature differences to help find deterioration in assets and plant sites.

Concrete Testing Thomography A1040 MIRA

A portable handheld ultrasonic thomography is designed for imaging of the internal structure of concrete at one-sided access

Conventional NDT

We offer Radiographic Testing (RT), Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Visual Testing (VT), Computed Radiography, Computed Radiography, Digital Radiography.

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Other Services

We offer Hardness Testing, Vacuum Testing, Concrete Non-Destructive Testing, Welding Certification, Local Heat Treatment, Pickling and Passivation, Positive Material Inspection, Scorpion2 Ultrasonic Tank Shell Inspection and Rope Access.

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