Company History

History, expansion and growth:

Inspection Technology was established in 2001 by its owner Mohanad Akilla, working with the company’s first client, Al Jabber Engineering. The company provided full written corporate Quality Records and Forms, which were later approved by Qatar Petroleum prior to their application and use. Inspection Technology then began to fill the need for Quality Personnel who were experienced in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), gradually adding more skilled manpower in order to satisfy growing market demand. In 2003, the company completed its license with the Ministry of Environment (MOE), formerly the Supreme Council for Environment and Natural Reserves (SCENR).

In 2004 Inspection Technology worked with Petrofac for Qatar Petroleum, which allowed for further penetration of
the testing market. The company also began to invest more in Industrial Radiography equipment, such as cameras and
an X-Ray machine, in order to keep up with market demand.

Company Milestones

The 2005 Middle East Dolphin Energy Project in Ras Laffan gave Inspection Technology the opportunity for increasing numbers of projects, which helped to grow the company reputation until it was
considered one of the leading conventional NDT companies in Qatar. At this time, the company also introduced automatic film developing and flasher, cutting the time required for radiography reports in half. Additionally, the Ras Laffan Olefin Project (RLOP) with its three major contractors, Manco, Lahoud and Petroject, provided a historical
financial boost to the company until early 2009.

The company experienced a huge break in our Post Weld Heat Treatment activity through working with one of the most prestigious clients in the region – Qatar Gas 3 & 4 Development Project LNG Onshore Facilities. Inspection Technology worked as a sub-contractor for CTJV and Gamma Qatar and, due to the scale of the project, were able to prove the competence of the company providing over 130 skilled manpower, with 20 out of 45 heat treatment machines ready
to deploy, and 2 PMI machines working 24/7 for over 8 months. Around the same time, the company registered as a Corporate Member of two internationally respected bodies; the American Society for Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT) and the American Welding Society (AWS).

Growth of Expertise

Inspection Technology has always adapted itself to provide important services for the booming civil and construction
activity, oil and gas, maintenance and offshore works taking place in Qatar. 2006-2008 were important years of expansion
for the company as we added several major clients from the aforementioned sectors to our portfolio, consequently
upgrading the technical requirements for any new technicians joining the company. Amongst these clients were The Qatar Foundation Al Shaqab Academy Project, the New Doha International Airport, The Pearl Construction, the Museum of
Islamic Art, Total and Shell offshore. Several maintenance jobs were also undertaken through Salam RBG and Velosi,
Mesaieed Independent Power Plant, the Doha Urban Relocation project for the pipeline, Tanks and Spheres, and
other call out services within Mesaieed and Ras Laffan Industrial City. Whether according to ASME Codes or to British
Standards, we customize our services according to the needs and requirements of our clients.

Development of Services

Inspection Technology is committed to the continuous improvement and development of the services that we offer
in an effort to give our clients the best possible experience of working with us. Initially the company offered only
Conventional NDT services but over time upgraded these services to include Advanced NDT methods in order to meet
the demands of the constantly changing industry. This was achieved through the continuous improvement and usage of
Advanced Non-Destructive Testing equipment, that can provide high quality date for professional consulting and
optimal maintenance. The company continues to look for opportunities to grow its local clientele, improve quality
standards and implement international standards in Qatar.